Warning Signs Of Crack Addiction
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Signs of Crack Addiction

Crack Addiction SignsDetecting the signs of crack use and addiction can sometimes be difficult if you don't know what to look for. Signs of crack addiction will usually present themselves quicky and dramatically, however, if you are not educated or informed on some of the specific signs of crack addiction, they can be easily overlooked and neglected. As crack addiction escalates, the signs of crack addiction become more and more apparent and become easier to detect.

Warning Signs #1: Lack of Money

If you suspect a loved one or a friend may be using crack cocaine, one of the first signs you will most likely notice is the lack of money.  Crack addiction can be extremely expensive. A crack addict can spend a few hundred dollars in a single night easily. So, if a person is regularly using crack, then they will begin to run short of money. Signs of this include having to borrow money from friends and family for food, gas, and other uncommon reasons. Coming up short for rent, bills, etc and also getting caught stealing money from friends & family and in serious cases robbing and committing crimes in order to desperately get money to fuel the addiction.

Warning Signs #2: Physical Signs of Crack Use

There are many phisical signs of crack addiction.  If you suspect someone you know is high on crack, one of the most definite tell tale signs shows itself in the users eyes.  The crack user will have very large, dialiated pupils as well as possible red and bloodshot eyes.  He or she may also show signs of talking rapidly or excessive sweating, tremors, hyperactivity, and in heavy users you might see extreme paranoia or manic anxiety. Another physical sign of crack addiction  is weight loss. Crack addicts have trouble keeping a healthy weight. This is because crack cocaine is a stimulant that suppresses appetite. When a person is using crack, they can go more than a day without getting hungry. Naturally this causes rapid weight loss.

Warning Signs #3: Emotional and Behavioral Signs of Crack Use

Emotional and behavioral signs of crack addiction show themselves in many ways. First off, crack users will dissapppear for hours or even days at a time on a crack "binge". They will sleep funny hours and stay up all hours of the night. Following a crack "binge" you may witness the "crash" where the addict excessively sleeps for many hours. They will usually lose interest in work/school, family, activities and hobbies while also individuate themselves from family and loved ones.  Emotionally, they may show signs of excitability or agitation and be angry one minute and depressed the next.

Signs of Crack Addiction and Denial

The biggest barrier to identifying the signs of crack addiction is denial both for the addict as well as for the family and loved ones that surround the addict. Denial can cause people to minimize and rationalize the signs of crack addiction or cause them to overlook the warning signs of crack addiction all together.  Confronting the idea that you or your loved one has a crack addiction can be very discomforting to say the least and many find themselves unconsciously rationalizing the signs and behaviors of crack addiction to avoid confronting the fact. Don't allow yourself to be blinded by the mechanism of denial and know these warning signs of crack addiction before it's too late to do something about it. If you or someone you know has a crack addiction problem, get help now. A crack addiction problem does not just miraculously go away by itself. Identify the signs and speak with a counselor about the best way to get help.   

Warning Signs Of Crack Addiction
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