Crack Overdose and Crack Overdose Symptoms
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Crack Overdose

A crack overdose is described as the consumption of crack cocaine in quantities that are greater than reccomended or generally practiced. A crack overdose can be very harmful, dangerous, and may result in death.

Types of Crack Overdose

There is a distinction between what is described as an overdose. An "crack overdose" would be considered any dose resulting in physical or mental harm such as hyperventilation, siezure, paranoid erratic behavior or an inpending feeling of death. A "fatal crack overdose" would result in death. Both types of overdose are very common with crack abuse.

Crack Overdose Symptoms

The most devastating side effect of crack addiction is a crack overdose. Crack is more dangerous than powder cocaine because it enters the bloodstream more quickly through the lungs and in higher concentrations. Additionally, because crack is smoked, it makes it difficult to estimate dosage. The most common symptoms of crack overdose are rapid heartbeat and hyperventilation. These reactions are often accompanied by a feeling of impending death and sometimes siezures. Other crack overdose symptoms include muscle cramps, paranoia, psychosis, confusion, loss of control of movement, vomiting, lack of consciousness, and possibly cardiac arrest or excited delirium. Although most people survive, many people also die due to complications from a crack overdose. Fatal crack overdose is usually linked with heart failure in users. This also includes otherwise healthy users.

Crack Overdose Diagnosis

Diagnosis of a crack overdose is usually straightforward as long as the use of the drug is known. However, crack overdose can be difficult to diagnose if medical personell is not made aware that drug use is involved. In some cases, drug use signs and symptoms or blood tests can reveal the drug in question. In many cases patients can be treated with general medical assistance, even if the drug is not known.

First Aid For Crack Overdose

If you suspect that someone is suffering from a crack overdose, get medical attention immediately. First aid in these cases involves staying with the person and helping them to remain calm. Move them to a quiet area, and where possible, apply a wet cloth to their neck or forehead. If unconscious, place them in the recovery position and call an ambulance.

Crack Overdose and Crack Overdose Symptoms
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